Email Security

    AI at Mimecast: Intelligence at Scale

    Proven defenses supercharged by AI to catch threats as they evolve

    Key Points

    • Mimecast AI detects threats and avoids costly breaches.
    • We’ve invested in the next iteration of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to detect payloadless attacks.
    • Our AI counters an array of cyber threats, from phishing to data breaches, ensuring collaboration tools, email communications, and cloud services remain secure.

    Learn more about how Mimecast provides unparalleled efficacy against threats with the latest in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and other cutting-edge AI capabilities that stop emerging attacks like Business Email Compromise (BEC), QR code phishing, and much more.

    Generative AI makes it far easier for threat actors to perpetuate successful attacks, but our platform learns from every attempt, improving security efficacy and administrator efficiency through a robust detection stack.

    Download the datasheet to learn more about Mimecast AI.

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