Email Security Resilience

    The State of Email Security in Healthcare

    Healthcare organizations are among the most targeted by criminals and foreign agents because they collect so much high-value data. As explained in the SOES in Healthcare report, more than 50 million patient records were stolen in 2021, an increase of over 24% compared to 2020.

    Patient records can include social security numbers, patient medical records, financial data, HIV test results, and private details of medical donors. This highly sensitive data can be very damaging in the hands of bad actors. Healthcare organizations must take the steps necessary to prevent these records from being stolen.

    The SOES in Healthcare report shows that while some healthcare organizations are making progress, most are facing budget and skills shortfalls when it comes to being able to protect patients and their data. These organizations need to turn to technology and security services to close the gaps that continue to expose them to increasing - and increasingly sophisticated - cyberthreats.

    Download the report to learn how healthcare organizations can work smarter, not harder, to take cyber defenses to the next level.


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