Office 365 Legal Hold

    Mimecast's all-in-one solution for email archiving, continuity and security provides powerful tools for streamlining litigation hold in Office 365.

    Managing Office 365 legal hold requirements

    For many IT and legal teams, native Office 365 legal hold capabilities may not be comprehensive and flexible enough to reduce the cost and complexity of managing litigation requirements for email.

    Email figures prominently in many legal proceedings today as email messages can often indicate timing, knowledge, motivation and intent of an individual's actions or a company's transactions. Consequently, email retention is highly regulated in many industries to ensure that electronic communications can be accessed for legal and compliance purposes. Without superior tools, managing vast archives of email data for litigation hold in Office 365 and producing documents for e-discovery can easily overwhelm legal and IT teams.

    Any Office 365 legal hold solution must be able to minimize the administrative burden of managing email retention, retrieving critical email and protecting relevant metadata. When built-in tools for Office 365 legal hold aren't enough to simplify Office 365 eDiscovery and ensure litigation readiness, Mimecast Cloud Archive provides a powerful yet easy-to-use solution that can augment Office 365 capabilities.




    Simplify Office 365 legal hold with Mimecast

    Mimecast provides a cloud-based service for email archiving, continuity and security that integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft platform to provide administrators with best-of-breed tools for managing Office 365 security compliance, archiving, backup and Office 365 legal hold.

    Mimecast Cloud Archive offers a single online repository that consolidates both live and archived email, enabling rapid decision-making in early case assessment processes. Mimecast allows administrators to centrally manage every Office 365 legal hold from a web-based console, with the ability to perform near real-time e-discovery searches for litigation requests, SEC 17a 4 compliance, and other legal and compliance requirements.

    To ensure data security and integrity, Mimecast stores encrypted, tamper-proof copies of email data in triplicate across multiple data centers. Mimecast retains the original email content as well as metadata (including relevant delivery and non-repudiation data) for every email, along with copies of any email modified through content control policy. Administrators can easily initiate an Office 365 legal hold and rapidly apply it across the entire organization. And rapid and granular search functionality enables administrators to spend less time searching for relevant information.


    Benefits of managing Office 365 legal hold with Mimecast

    When using Mimecast to address Office 365 legal hold requirements, you can:

    • Automate and easily enforce data retention policies throughout the business.
    • Ensure that e-discovery activity is fully auditable.
    • Empower rapid decision-making in early case assessment tasks.
    • Provide proof of delivery and non-repudiation metadata.
    • Simplify SEC 17a 4 compliance, HIPAA compliance and compliance with other regulatory frameworks.
    • Significantly reduce the cost and complexity of managing e-discovery and Office 365 legal hold requests.

    In addition to solutions for legal hold and compliance, Mimecast provides government, financial and healthcare compliance solutions.

    Learn more about managing Office 365 legal hold with Mimecast.

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