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    Search for email more easily with Mimecast.

    Search for email more easily with Mimecast

    Your email system is critical to business operations, but accessing the vital information it holds requires tools that let users search for email quickly and easily.

    Email is central to business communication, documenting conversations, transactions, contracts, collaborations. Providing fast search for email allows employees to access data more quickly, improving productivity and responsiveness to business opportunities.

    Mimecast Cloud Archive offers secure, dependable and scalable archiving and search for email. Users can search emails and retrieve content within seconds, making it easy for employees or administrators to find a single email or to support an e-discovery request. With Mimecast, you get a single, unified archive in the cloud without the expense of software and hardware normally associated with legacy on-premises solutions.




    State-of-the-art tools for email search and archive

    Mimecast Cloud Archive archives all inbound, outbound and internal email, storing encrypted messages securely in multiple, geographically-dispersed data centers with triplicate copies of messages for built-in redundancy.

    Employees and administrators can use intuitive tools to search email quickly and easily from any device, anywhere. Mimecast's solution provides:

    • A single-secure cloud platform with rapid and unified search for email, files and instant messages.
    • Compliance-driven chains of custody to ensure archive integrity for all archived data.
    • Folder-based retention and replication of a user's mailbox folder structure.
    • Intuitive and powerful desktop and mobile apps so users search for email without needing help from IT.
    • A unified administrative console to manage all retention policies and reporting.
    • Pricing based on the number of employees rather than the number of mailboxes or the volume of email.

    Mimecast also provides email continuity and security email services, including the Mimecast Secure Email Gateway, for a unified email management solution.

    How do I search for an email with Mimecast email search tools?

    While your email system holds a great deal of valuable information, this treasure trove is useless unless your employees can search emails quickly and easily to find the information for which they're looking.

    Email has become the dominant method for business collaboration, and users frequently need to search email to find documents, transactions, information, or a history of communication around a specific subject. Enable users to search emails faster, improve productivity, and reap the value of your organization's email archives.

    For a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to search for an email with Mimecast email search tools, visit our dedicated knowledge article


    Benefits of choosing Mimecast tools to archive and search for Email

    When you choose Mimecast solutions to enable your organization and employees to archive and search for email more easily, you can:

    • Reduce costs1 by simplifying management of email archives, reducing the load on email servers, and minimizing requests for help from technical support to search for email, find lost emails and resolve mailbox issues.
    • Improve productivity by enabling users to search for email quickly, getting results back within seconds.
    • Centralize control of email retention policies to better support compliance, litigation hold, and e-discovery.

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