Cyber Phishing

    Cyber phishing has become one of the most frequent attacks on corporate security. Learn how to defend against cyber phishing with Mimecast.

    Cyber phishing is here to stay

    Cyber phishing has become one of the most frequent attacks on corporate security. By sending email that appears to be from a trusted source, cyber phishing email scams are able to trick recipients into revealing credentials, personal data and financial information that can be used for theft of identities and money.

    A cyber phishing attack usually starts with an email that appears to be from a legitimate organization like a credit card company, a bank, a shipping company or a social website. The cyber phishing mail encourages the recipient to click on a link that leads to a bogus website or a site infected with malware. The recipient is then typically asked to provide sensitive information in order to resolve an issue. Once that information is obtained, hackers can use it to access the user's accounts. Another form of cyber phishing is spear-phishing, a targeted phishing attack that uses social engineering and background information to create even greater trust between the recipient and the sender.

    The cost of a cyber phishing attack can be high, not only in financial terms but in the damage to reputation and customer relationships. For organizations that want to successfully prevent phishing attacks, Mimecast provides email security solutions that can stop cyber phishing attacks effectively and build greater phishing awareness among employees.




    Defend against cyber phishing with Mimecast

    Mimecast provides a SaaS-based subscription service with solutions for email security, archiving and continuity. This all-in-one solution eliminates the need to deploy, manage and upgrade multiple points technologies from disparate vendors. Consequently, Mimecast reduces the cost and eliminates the complexity of managing and protecting business email.

    Mimecast's email security services provide best-of-breed defenses against cyber phishing and other advanced threats. Using multilayered detection engines and sophisticated threat intelligence, Mimecast stops malware, viruses, spam and advanced threats at the email gateway. Mimecast also provides solutions to prevent data leaks, share secure messages and send large files securely.

    How Mimecast neutralizes cyber phishing threats

    To prevent cyber phishing, Mimecast offers a suite of services that address different aspects of a phishing virus attack.

    To prevent users from clicking on links for malicious websites, Mimecast scans all links in all inbound email and performs security checks on the destination websites. When a site appears to be malicious, Mimecast prevents users from accessing the website.

    To combat weaponized attachments, Mimecast pre-emptively sandboxes attachments that appear to be malicious, or transcribes them to another format that is safe for users to access.

    To stop impersonation fraud, Mimecast scans the header and content of all email to look for the telltale signs of a fraudulent message. Suspicious email can be quarantined, discarded or sent on to recipients with a warning.

    Learn more about preventing cyber phishing with Mimecast.

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