Brand Protection

    Mimecast brand protection services combine machine learning and targeted scans to identify potential attacks reduce compromise.

    Extending your security to brand protection

    Brand protection is harder than ever today. Online brand impersonation attacks are on the rise and the potential impact on your organization can be devastating. By registering domains that look like yours and cloning your website using off-the-shelf tools, attackers can easily dupe employees, customers, partners, and anyone else who trusts your brand into revealing credentials, sensitive data and personal information. And because these sites are outside your perimeter, they can be incredibly difficult to detect.

    Using machine learning and running quadrillions of targeted scans, Mimecast Brand Exploit Protect identifies, blocks and helps take down suspicious sites, active scams and clones of your website to protect your customers, partners and your brand.




    Why brand protection is so difficult today

    The tactics of cyber attackers are constantly evolving. Criminals attempting to breach your security defenses today rely far more on deception than on brute force attacks. The number of phishing and impersonation attacks continues to rise along with the cost of the damages these attacks inflict on brands.

    This trend is made possible by the digital first economy, where consumers and businesses increasingly rely on digital interactions with brands for banking, shopping, social interaction, parcel delivery and other everyday activities. Users place enormous trust in digital brands today – which can be easily exploited by attackers.

    Even unsophisticated attackers can easily register a domain that looks very similar to yours and create a fake website that is virtually identical to yours. By luring customers, partners, suppliers and even employees to the site via phishing email, attackers can steal credentials, personal information, sensitive data and money.

    Because a spoofed website is outside your perimeter, it's quite difficult to spot, and most organizations are blind to these kinds of tactics. Web gateway defenses can protect your employees from visiting suspicious websites but protecting customers and partners who are outside your perimeter has been very difficult in the past.

    To take a more proactive approach for brand protection, organizations need solutions that can find live attacks and identify potential threats before they become active. That's where Mimecast can help.


    Mimecast Brand Exploit Protect: brand protection made easy

    Mimecast provides state-of-the-art brand protection in Brand Exploit Protect, an innovative service that combines machine learning and targeted scans to identify potential attacks in the early stages, block compromised assets before they become live attacks, and take down active attacks to quickly minimize damage.

    Mimecast brand protection services run quadrillions of targeted scans to detect, block and take down phishing sites that exploit your brand and sites that have cloned your website on a similar domain. The service can identify even unknown attack patterns and block compromised assets at the earliest possible preparation stages before they become live attacks.

    Available as a SaaS/cloud-based solution, Mimecast Brand Exploit Protect can be implemented quickly to begin protecting your brand against attacks in minutes.


    Benefits of brand protection with Mimecast

    With Mimecast online brand protection technology, you can:

    • Identify and protect against attacks where criminals have cloned your website, irrespective of the hosting domain or service.
    • Extend defenses against phishing attacks beyond your perimeter to protect your brand, customers, and partners against attacks that exploit your digital – email and web - assets.
    • Take immediate action to block suspicious and active scams and URLs.
    • Limit and reduce the value of stolen data.
    • Increase ROI in Mimecast technology by giving your cyber teams access to a more integrated email and Internet security solution.


    Integrate brand protection with multi-layered defenses

    Mimecast's brand protection solutions integrate easily with Mimecast email and web application security technologies to deliver comprehensive protection against cyber threats. In addition to brand protection, Mimecast technologies provide:

    • Email security. Mimecast Email Security with Targeted Threat Protection offers state-of-the-art defenses against email-borne threats. This Mimecast solution defends your perimeter by blocking employees from accessing suspicious links and websites, neutralizing weaponized attachments and detecting and stopping spoofing attacks launched via email.
    • Web security. Mimecast Web Security blocks malicious websites and blocks web threats before they reach your network or endpoints, enforces acceptable web use policies and offers anywhere protection for remote and mobile workers.
    • Email authentication. Mimecast DMARC Analyzer helps enforce DMARC authentication by simplifying DMARC deployment, monitoring ongoing performance and delivering 360° channel visibility and governance across email channels.


    FAQs: What is brand protection?

    What is brand protection?

    Brand protection solutions are a form of enterprise security that focuses on identifying, blocking and taking down websites that attempt to spoof a legitimate brand in order to steal credentials, money and personal information.

    How does Mimecast brand protection identify spoofed sites?

    Mimecast Brand Exploit Protect uses machine learning and quadrillions of targeted scans to search for domains that are similar to a legitimate domain and to identify fraudulent websites that have cloned or are impersonating a legitimate website.

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