Brand Protection Services

    Mimecast's Brand Exploit Protect offering can be implemented quickly and start providing brand protection services within minutes.

    Thwart impersonation attacks with brand protection services

    Brand impersonation attacks can be very costly – and easy for even unsophisticated attackers to execute. By registering a domain that's similar to yours and duping your employees, customers and partners into visiting their cloned site, attackers can easily steal money, credentials and personal information. And because these attacks happen "in the wild," on the open internet, most traditional business internet security solutions are powerless to stop impersonation activities.

    Mimecast offers a sophisticated solution in Mimecast Brand Exploit Protect. This innovative cloud-based brand protection service blocks brand attacks before they can launch and stops live attacks in their tracks to minimize damage, defend reputation and protect your employees, partners and customers.




    Why online brand protection is critical

    Attackers today increasingly rely on deception. Phishing, spear-phishing and impersonation attacks are on the rise for one simple reason – they are incredibly effective. Consumers and business customers alike place a great deal of trust in the brands they interact with online, making it easy for attackers to impersonate a company's website and to dupe users into revealing sensitive information. For multitasking users who are constantly bombarded by promotional emails, social posts and targeted display ads, spotting the subtle differences between a real and a spoofed domain or website can be a challenge.

    That makes it relatively easy for attackers to impersonate a brand in order to access a secure network, steal company and customer data or initiate a fraudulent money transfer. The result of these attacks can be significant – from damage to brand and reputation, to lost revenue and productivity, as well as compliance fines, legal fees and cleanup costs.

    The challenge of online brand protection lies in the fact that the attack takes place on separate domains that are outside the target company's traditional security perimeter. Gateway defenses may be able to stop employees from visiting a cloned site, but they provide no protection for customers, partners, or others who may inherently trust the brand. To prevent these impersonation attacks, organizations need brand protection solutions that can proactively seek out potentially suspicious domains and cloned sites, blocking and taking them down before they can do damage. That's where Mimecast can help.


    State-of-the-art brand protection services from Mimecast

    Mimecast brand protection services offer a simple and easy way to go on the offense against impersonation attacks. Mimecast Brand Exploit Protect combines machine learning and targeted scans of domains and websites to identify impersonation attempts in the early stages, stopping live attacks and blocking compromised infrastructure before the attack is pushed live in many cases.

    Mimecast's anti-spoofing technology runs quadrillions of scans to seek out sites with similar domains and cloned content, identifying even unknown attack patterns at an early stage. With Mimecast, organizations can neutralize brand impersonation in the dark corners of the web to better protect customers, partners and employees.

    Mimecast Brand Exploit Protect is available as a subscription-based offering that can be implemented quickly to start providing brand protection services within minutes.


    What Mimecast can do for your brand

    Mimecast brand protection services enable you to:

    • Protect customers, employees and partners from phishing scams that rely on domains that are similar to yours.
    • Block and take down suspicious sites and active scams.
    • Identify and defend against impersonation attacks where criminals have copied your website on another hosting domain.
    • Minimize and reduce the value of stolen data.
    • Provide security teams with a more complete cybersecurity platform while increasing your ROI in Mimecast technology.




    Integrated email, web and brand protection services

    Mimecast brand protection services are just one part of Mimecast's comprehensive approach to cybersecurity. The Mimecast platform also provides:

    • Email security services. Mimecast Email Security comprises a set of cloud services that provide protection against advanced email-borne threats like malware, malicious URLs and attachments, impersonation attacks and internally generated threats.
    • Email authentication services. Mimecast DMARC Analyzer simplifies DMARC deployment, monitors DMARC performance and provides an easy-to-use service that delivers 360° visibility and governance across all email channels.
    • Web protection software. Mimecast Web Security adds security and monitoring at the DNS layer to block access to malicious websites as well as sites deemed inappropriate for use in the workplace.


    FAQs: What are brand protection services?

    What are brand protection services?

    Brand protection services help to prevent brand impersonation attacks where cyber criminals set up domains and websites that look similar to those of a trusted brand. Brand impersonation attacks are designed to trick customers, partners, employees, and anyone who trusts the brand into visiting a site and revealing sensitive information, sharing login credentials or transferring money to a bank account belonging to an attacker.

    Why are brand protection services needed?

    Because brand impersonation attacks take place outside an organization's domain and security perimeter, they are usually difficult to find and block until a user has succumbed to an attack. Mimecast brand protection services help to identify and take down attacks as soon as possible – even before they have launched – in order to minimize the damage, they can cause.

    How do Mimecast brand protection services work?

    Using machine learning, Mimecast runs quadrillions of targeted scans to search for domains that are similar to a trusted brand as well as sites that have cloned or are impersonating a brand's website.

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