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    Zero-Down, End-to-End Migrations: Simple, Easy to Remember

    Email migrations don’t have to be painful.

    by Shane Harris

    It seems, since the beginning of email, customers have endured the pain of migrating from version-to-version, vendor-to-vendor and now on-premises-to-cloud. While most of the version migrations were performed in-house, vendor-to-vendor migrations have typically been outsourced.

    There are many organizations still struggling or planning to move their email to the cloud. The migration from on-premises-to-cloud, replacement of legacy solutions, PST proliferation and navigating the challenges or impacts to the organization take considerable planning. The amount of upfront time and cost have caused some organizations to delay or run in hybrid or split architectures.

    On-premises-to-cloud migrations and vendor-to-vendor archive migrations happened enough that several companies sprouted up focused solely on migrations. Organizations that wanted to move to the cloud and/or replace a legacy archive solution have incurred the migration cost or decided to do nothing until the budget was allocated.

    For years I have preached and suggested to migration, archive and email-hosting companies to find alternate solutions to the upfront ingestion cost and create streamlined migration processes that make it easy for customers. If you lived on the customer and vendor side of migrations, you know that even the most simplified migration process still effects organizations and productivity. A migration is “change” and can influence day-to-day operations, access to systems and require some level of training or workflow adjustment.

    A better way for migrations

    While there is no magic bullet to remove all the impacts of migration, Mimecast is moving the needle forward with the introduction of its Simply Migrate features that provide end-to-end (E2E) migrations across the wire for legacy archive solutions.

    Simply Migrate utilizes intelligent connectors to extract archived email from legacy solutions and streams the email directly to the Mimecast Cloud Archive: no fuss, no mess.

    Now that we have simplified the legacy migration process we also wanted to improve the purchase methods and provide flexible pricing options. It seems to make sense to offer a cloud pricing model, especially since one of the reasons customers are moving to the cloud is to take advantage of OPEX pricing models. Customers that take advantage of Mimecast’s Simply Migrate E2E have the option to pay the migration cost upfront (CAPEX) or include the cost in the per user pricing (OPEX).

    Mimecast’s Simply Migrate E2E makes it easier to migrate to the cloud. Learn more here.

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