Email Security

    AI Where You Need It Most

    More than just a buzzword, AI delivers practical applications for securing your organization

    Key Points

    • Advanced Malware Protection
    • Advanced BEC Defense
    • Comprehensive Phishing Protection
    • QR Code Defense
    • Smart DLP for Email

    One of the biggest challenges facing organizations today when it comes to seeking out cybersecurity tools is sorting through all of the hype and buzz about artificial intelligence. Whether or not their solutions actually use AI, vendors across the board are touting AI as the be-all end-all of cybersecurity.

    The problem is that it can be tough for organizations and security professionals to sort through the noise to find real solutions to their security challenges.

    To help, Mimecast has developed this quick and concise infographic to showcase the areas in which AI can provide real security against sophisticated cyberattacks.

    Download the infographic to learn more. 

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