Targeted Attack Protection

    Fend off advanced threats with targeted attack protection.

    Fend off advanced threats with targeted attack protection

    Targeted attack protection must be a high priority for IT security administrators today. Targeted attacks have become increasingly successful, frequently breaching the security systems of many of the world’s largest organizations. A targeted attack – such as a phishing, spear-phishing, advanced persistent threat or zero day attack – focuses on a specific company in order to gain unauthorized access to sensitive information and financial accounts.

    Because attackers use a wide variety of techniques to dupe employees into unwittingly divulging information, targeted attack protection must involve a multi-layered approach to security. Since

    targeted email attacks are constantly evolving, superior targeted attack protection must include adaptive security infrastructure and up-to-the-minute threat intelligence.




    Targeted attack protection from Mimecast

    Mimecast’s comprehensive security services provide email threat protection from a broad range of attacks. Email security begins with Mimecast’s Secure Email Gateway, which uses sophisticated, multi-layer detection engines to protect against malware and spam while delivering targeted attack protection.

    Secure Email Gateway also provides:

    • Improved security and system performance with the ability to stop threats before they reach the network.
    • Greater visibility and control -- security policies can be managed and monitored from a single web-based console and consistently applied throughout the organization.
    • A single cloud platform and adaptive network where threat intelligence is continually updated by Mimecast’s security team.

    In addition to targeted attack protection, Mimecast email security services include solutions for sending messages securely, sending large files, controlling content and preventing data leaks.


    Multi-layered targeted attack protection

    Mimecast’s services for targeted attack protection provide defenses against the most dangerous and successful techniques used by attackers.

    Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection includes three components:

    • Impersonation Protect. Attackers frequently use social-engineering techniques to trick employees into revealing credentials, downloading malware or transferring money to fraudulent accounts. To combat this, Mimecast scans all inbound email in real-time looking for indicators in the header, domain information and message content that suggests evidence of financial fraud or social-engineering. Suspicious emails can be blocked, quarantined for review, or tagged with a warning.
    • URL Protect. Malicious URLs are used by attackers to download malware to the corporate network. Mimecast protects employees by scanning all URLs in real-time and blocking access to any suspicious links.
    • Attachment Protect. Weaponized attachments contain malicious code that hackers use to access the network. Mimecast preemptively sandboxes attachments and performs security checks before enabling employees to access the attachment.

    Learn more about targeted attack protection from Mimecast, as well as Mimecast’s services for advanced persistent threat detection.

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