Malicious Insider

    Mimecast's email monitoring service defends against malicious insider threats by automatically scanning internal & external emails sent by employees.

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    How to stop a malicious insider

    For many companies, it comes as a surprise that threats from a careless or malicious insider are just as dangerous and as prevalent as attacks from outside the organization. Most IT security teams are well-versed in the dangers of threats like spear-fishing, ransomware and impersonation attacks. But fewer administrators are aware that half of all data breaches, according to a 2017 Forrester report, are traced back to a malicious insider, a careless employee or compromised user.

    Stopping insider threats requires a different set of technologies than preventing external email-borne attacks. Threats sent via an internal email, for example, won't pass through a secure email gateway, which might otherwise detect and block email containing malware, malicious URLs or suspicious attachments.

    To stop a malicious insider, organizations need solutions for preventing data leaks via email, identifying suspicious content in emails, and blocking internal emails that may spread or trigger an attack. Fortunately, Mimecast provides all-in-one, cloud email protection that addresses all these concerns and others.

    How to stop a malicious insider

    Blocking a malicious insider with Mimecast

    Mimecast provides a SaaS-based solution for information security management that simplifies email security, archiving, continuity, compliance, e-Disovery, and backup and recovery. Available as a subscription service, Mimecast's solution involves no hardware or software purchase and no capital investment – services are delivered from Mimecast's cloud platform for predictable monthly cost.

    Mimecast solutions are easy to use, too. Administrators can manage and configure them from a single pane of glass with a web-based interface, while end users throughout the company benefit from fast archive searches, secure messaging services, and email security that doesn't impact performance.

    To address the problem of a malicious insider, Mimecast's Internal Email Protect service automatically monitors all email leaving the organization as well as email sent internally. Using sophisticated email scanning technology, Mimecast helps to spot emails with suspicious content as well as malicious URLs and weaponized attachments. To remediate threats from a malicious insider, Mimecast can delete or block suspicious emails. For emails determined to contain sensitive material but not malicious intent, Mimecast can require the user to send emails using a Secure Messaging portal.

    Blocking a malicious insider with Mimecast

    Benefits of Mimecast services for thwarting a malicious insider

    With Mimecast technology to stop a malicious insider, organizations can:

    • Successfully block threats and stop sensitive data from leaving the organization and causing damage to reputation or compromising customers.
    • Automatically find and remove internal email containing threats.
    • Mitigate the risk of a successful breach spreading throughout the organization via email.
    • Simplify email management with a single console for reporting, configuring and managing email across the organization.
    • Combine technology for stopping a malicious insider with data loss protection for preventing leaks and information protection services for sending email and large attachments securely.

    Learn more about stopping threats from a malicious insider with Mimecast.

    Benefits of Mimecast services for thwarting a malicious insider


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