Healthcare Cloud Security

    Ensure healthcare cloud security with Mimecast.

    The challenges of healthcare cloud security

    As more healthcare organizations moved to cloud-based technology, healthcare cloud security is a growing concern for CIOs and IT departments. From Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to Platform-as-a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions, IT teams must adopt robust measures to prevent data leaks or a medical records breach that could threaten the security of patient information. Ransomware in healthcare settings is of particular concern today, as this type of threat accounts for 72% of all malware attacks.

    Protecting email is a critical component of healthcare cloud security. As the lifeblood of organizational communication, email frequently contains information that must be encrypted and secured. And because many threats to IT security in healthcare begin with an email-based attack, IT organizations must take pains to prevent the kinds of breaches that could result in loss of patient data, damage to reputation and significant financial loss.

    When choosing solutions to improve healthcare cloud security, organizations can minimize cost and complexity with an all-in-one solution for email security from Mimecast.




    Ensure healthcare cloud security with Mimecast

    Mimecast offers cloud-based solutions for email security, continuity and archiving in a powerful subscription service that can help achieve healthcare cloud security.

    Rather than a disjointed array of solutions to combat multiple threats to email, Mimecast offers a single solution with multiple layers of protection for cybersecurity in healthcare organizations. As a cloud-based service, Mimecast can scale easily as needed. A single console for managing email security helps to save time and simplify troubleshooting. And as a HIPAA-compliant solution, Mimecast meets HIPAA encryption requirements for email communications and is ISO 22301, 27001 and 27018 certified as well. It's no wonder that more than 1,000 healthcare organizations around the world trust Mimecast to help improve healthcare cloud security.


    Mimecast solutions for healthcare cloud security

    Mimecast offers a variety of services that help to make healthcare cloud security simpler and more effective.

    • Targeted Threat Protection provides advanced defenses against sophisticated attacks such as spear-phishing, ransomware and impersonation. This service blocks suspicious URLs and attachments in email, and protects users from social engineering attacks that attempt to impersonate trusted senders.
    • Secure Messaging enables users to send protected messages directly from their inbox, without requiring proficiency in encryption or installation of special software.
    • Content Control and DLP helps to prevent malicious or accidental data leaks by scanning every outbound email and blocking, quarantining or encrypting emails that may contain sensitive information.

    Learn more about healthcare cloud security and Mimecast, and about Mimecast's directory sync tool.

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