Anti-spam software

Anti-spam software from Mimecast

Stop email threats with superior anti-spam software.

Anti-spam software is a critical priority for IT security. While spam continues to be a daily annoyance, cluttering inboxes and impacting servers, it's also the source of many of the most dangerous security threats facing your organization. From spear-phishing and ransomware email scams to CEO fraud and business email compromise, the vast majority of security breaches today start with an email or spam message.

To successfully combat scam emails and threats, your anti-spam software must keep spam and dangerous email out of user inboxes. Your anti-spam software must also have a low rate of false positives to avoid losing important messages and disrupting user productivity. And to simplify management and reduce the burden on your IT administrators, your anti-spam software must be easy to implement, use and maintain.

When selecting anti-spam software that can meet and exceed these requirements, more companies around the world turn to cloud based spam filtering and email security solutions from Mimecast, one of the industry's most secure email provider options.

Anti-spam software from Mimecast.

Mimecast offers anti-spam software as part of an all-in-one solution for email security, archiving and continuity. Delivered as a cloud-based subscription service, Mimecast's anti-spam software uses sophisticated detection engines and advanced threat intelligence to identify spam and email threats, blocking them before they reach your email system.

As a SaaS-based solution, Mimecast's anti-spam software can be deployed quickly throughout your organization. And with no capital costs for hardware and no software to maintain, Mimecast significantly reduces the cost and complexity of managing spam and business email.

With anti-spam software from Mimecast, you can:

  • Stop 99% of spam from entering your system, with 0.0001% false positives.
  • Block 100% of malware attacks, with a 100% availability SLA.
  • De-clutter inboxes with easy filing tools for graymail like newsletters and mailing lists.
  • Minimize tech support needs by giving users tools to manage their own lists of blocked and permitted senders.
  • Give administrators central and granular control over anti-spam software policies.

Mimecast's anti-spam software for targeted threats.

Mimecast's anti-spam software is part of a comprehensive set of email security solutions that also includes:

  • Targeted Threat Protection to block advanced threats by preventing users from clicking on malicious URLs, opening weaponized attachments and succumbing to impersonation attempts.
  • Content Control & DLP tools to stop leaks and improve compliance with regulatory frameworks and corporate policy.
  • Secure Messaging and Large File Send tools to enable users to securely send email and large file attachments (up to 2 GB) without having to worry about email encryption software or resorting to consumer-grade file sharing services.

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