Our hearts go out to everyone who has been affected by the COVID-19 virus in any way.  The health and safety of our employees, customers and partners and their families is one of our deepest concerns during this time.

As the virus continues to spread, there is understandably a lot of anxiety and concern for everyone’s wellbeing across the globe.

To date, we’ve been following guidance from governments and third-parties such as the World Health Organization and the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention to help minimize the potential risk to Mimecast customers, partners and the heart of our company – our employees. Up until now, we’ve encouraged employees to be diligent about their health, hygiene as well as clear and flexible guidance to work from home if they are or a family member is feeling ill. 

To be proactive and exercise caution, we have suspended all cross-border travel, limited domestic travel and advised employees to postpone events with 15+ people.  In addition, our employees are working remotely. This decision was made so that we can do our part to help prevent spreading of the virus and help keep our communities throughout the globe safe.

Customers and partners can rest assured that support teams will continue to be available, leveraging the ‘follow the sun’ model, allowing all global regions the ability to support customers, partners and each other.  Through our corporate technology investments, we will be open for business virtually in all functions Mimecast and look forward to operating as business as normal as we all strive for resilience in the world.

We will continue to update our community on this blog on a regular basis. Our thoughts are with the COVID-19 victims and their families and communities.

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