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    World-class protection for the intersection of communications, people, and data

    Email and collaboration are where work happens - they're also where risk is concentrated. Mass consolidation on a handful of cloud platforms like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace has created irresistible targets; malicious actors target them relentlessly, using the top attack vector - email - to deliver everything from phishing to ransomware. And, they count on employees to make mistakes. It's no surprise that 91% of cyberattacks start with email or that 94% of successful breaches involve some form of human error.

    How has the security industry responded to these challenges? By creating a complex web of point products designed to address critical areas of risk. However, this approach has generated a level of complexity that's untenable. Put simply, IT and security teams are spending more time managing technology than risk. Download the brief to learn more about how to protect your work surface.

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