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    Industry Brief For Public Sector: State And Local Government

    Mimecast is the cloud platform that enables state and local government organizations to secure citizen and other sensitive data as demands for digital public services increase.

    Both the public and government employees want to be able to access information, pay bills and update services quickly and seamlessly, using different digital interfaces, including smartphones, tablets and laptops. The public assumes their data is protected, and it is critical for government organizations to safeguard personal data against unprecedented cyber threats. Cyberattacks have the potential to cripple services and affect the day-to-day functioning of state and local government organizations. At the same time, the impact on individuals can be deep and long-lasting.

    Public sector organizations play a key role in contributing to the health, stability, and efficiency of the United States’ economy. Local and state government organizations hold significant amounts of personal data about their citizens that must be secured. With many local governments facing funding challenges, cybersecurity spending is lower than it should be. And, given public entities rely on tax dollars for all operational aspects, a combination of budgetary constraints and limited IT resources prevent many of these organizations from implementing security solutions at a scale and pace required to adequately protect them from today’s evolving cyberthreat landscape.

    Mimecast: Work Protected™
    Mimecast provides security for the collaborative world with an AI-powered, API-enabled platform built to protect businesses from a broad spectrum of cyber threats, including phishing, malware and business email compromise. More than 42,000 businesses globally rely on Mimecast for collaboration security, human risk management, and cloud archiving.

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