The Mimecast Ecosystem now offers over 60 cybersecurity and compliance integrations

    Designed to reduce complexity, minimize risk and improve threat detection and response through integrations with CrowdStrike, IBM Security, Netskope, Palo Alto Networks, Rapid7, ServiceNow, Splunk and more.

    LEXINGTON, Ma – Mimecast Limited (NASDAQ: MIME), a leading email security and cyber resilience company, today announced its API and Alliances program has hit a new milestone and now offers 60 out-of-the box and custom integrations with security technology partners such as CrowdStrike, IBM Security, Netskope, Palo Alto Networks, Rapid7, ServiceNow and Splunk. Integrations are designed to allow organizations to gain greater insights into their threat landscape, reducing complexity, minimizing risk and improving threat detection and response.

    Through Mimecast’s robust set of API integrations, organizations can incorporate Mimecast Threat Intelligence into their broader security ecosystem. This integrated threat intelligence helps increase the efficacy of the tools used to protect the enterprise.  Additionally, organizations looking to automate repetitive tasks can use Mimecast’s APIs and integrations with SOAR, ITSM and internal systems to significantly reduce the mean time to remediate.   

    “A dramatic increase in the volume and success of phishing, business email compromise and other types of cyberattacks, requires organizations to reevaluate their security controls and processes. The average enterprise organization has 75 security solutions in its ecosystem, which is difficult to manage efficiently if not integrated,” said Jules Martin, vice president, ecosystem & alliances at Mimecast. “More than half of our enterprise customers are using one or more of our prebuilt integrations, some as many as five.”

    Mimecast recently hosted SecOps Virtual, an event where customers and technology partners explored how to optimize Mimecast and other security investments with high impact API integrations. Event sponsors CrowdStrike, Netskope, Palo Alto Networks, Rapid7 and Splunk led educational breakout sessions with actionable recommendations. All content is now on-demand and can be viewed here:

    Supporting Partner and Customer Quotes

    “To stay ahead of today’s advanced threats, organizations must have a comprehensive view into their security environments as well as the ability to detect, respond to, and remediate incidents faster and more efficiently,” said Lee Weiner, chief innovation officer at Rapid7. “Through our SIEM and SOAR integrations with Mimecast, joint customers are able to benefit from improved security postures, increased speed of response, and better efficiencies through automation.” 

    “Being able to quickly decipher and immediately share threat intelligence information within your security framework is crucial for building a strong cybersecurity position, and ultimately stopping attacks,” said Lamont Orange, chief information security officer, Netskope. “By integrating with Mimecast, our joint customers can now respond faster when incidents occur, strengthening their overall security posture."

    “We deployed an endpoint protection solution, the CrowdStrike Falcon platform, which has been extremely successful.” said Heinrich Kukkuk, chief information officer, McConnell Dowell. “We then went on to extend the use of our SIEM tools to other parts of the business, which further extended our defense strategy.” 


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