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    Episode #2, Season 1 of Phishy Business: POPIA, GDPR and Other Tasty Acronyms

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    Walk Through The Post-Brexit World Of POPIA And GDPR In The Second Episode Of Our New Podcast.

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s POPIA – but with all the data protection rules flying around today, you could be forgiven for getting confused.

    Fortunately, you can learn everything you need to know in the latest episode of our new podcast, Phishy Business.

    Episode Two:POPIA, GDPR and other acronyms post-Brexit

    Acronyms have been taking the data privacy world by storm. Who can forget GDPR coming into force in 2018?

    Well, now there’s a shiny new protection of personal information law on the scene: South Africa’s POPIA, which comes into force in July 2021.

    And of course, 9,000 miles due north, Brexit is yet another development impacting data privacy and protection.

    It’s a lot for organizations to unpick. But luckily, we’ve been joined byDario Milo, an expert in information law, data protection and privacy.

    In the second episode of Phishy Business, we discuss:

    • What POPIA means for businesses big and small
    • Why data breaches are surprisingly similar to spilt milk in supermarkets
    • Stories of overzealous GDPR enforcement – like the primary school that banned surnames
    • How businesses can learn from past attacks, especially when it comes to technology

    Dario believes that data protection is about trust, not just compliance – and businesses should view privacy as a business must, not just a regulatory obligation.

    And you can find out why in the full episode.

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