Mailbox Continuity


    Eliminate the impact of email downtime

    Email is how critical business gets done, and organizations need reliability to ensure continued communication with customers and suppliers. Keep email flowing, no matter what, and give employees uninterrupted access to email - from anywhere, on any device - with Mimecast’s Mailbox Continuity solution.


    Availability and security

    Protect against planned and unplanned email server outages without the cost and complexity of alternatives.


    Safeguard employee productivity

    Provides uninterrupted access to email and calendar access in native user applications.


    Maintain business continuity

    Supports business continuity strategies for email and reduces the risk of email disruption during migration to cloud email services like Office 365.


    Get automatic protection

    Continuously monitors email flow and provides automated activation, alerting, and employee notifications.

    The Challenge

    Protect your customer relationships and brand

    Email continues to be the most relied upon business tool, and few organizations can do without it, even for short periods of time. Yet, email disruption is a reality that all IT and security teams must face. Email servers can fail, cyberattacks can occur, and business events, like a migration to the cloud, can result in planned - but still disruptive - downtime. The result can be financial loss, brand damage, and prolonged efforts to return to business as normal.

    The ability to provide uninterrupted access to email while maintaining security protocols is an essential component of any business continuity or disaster recovery strategy.

    Our Solution

    The Mimecast Mailbox Continuity Solution

    Mimecast’s Mailbox Continuity solution eliminates the impact of primary email system downtime, with admin controlled alerts, monitoring and response to mail disruption. The solution provides:


    Monitoring of inbound and outbound email flow to determine outages and alert server issues.


    Automated alerts with one click continuity activation and employee notification.


    Ability for employees to work in Outlook, mobile, web and Mac applications for live and historic emails, calendar access, and most utilized contacts.


    Combined with Mimecast Email Security, ensures full security control even during an email outage.

    How It Works

    Mailbox Continuity, explained

    Mimecast monitors inbound and outbound mail from on-premises mail servers or cloud-based services like Office 365. Using organization specific thresholds, administrators are notified via SMS or an alternative email address with an event specific dashboard. Administrators can quickly respond with one-click mail flow activation. Instantly calling Mimecast to act as the primary email path and notifying employees with clear communication sent via SMS.

    Inbound and outbound mail is routed through the Mimecast Platform and is automatically retained for 58 days. Journaling captures and retains internal mail. Syncing of mailbox folders, calendar replication, and most used contacts, maintains ‘business as usual’ operation. In addition full historical archive data is available with Mimecast Archiving option.

    Email Security, Cloud Gateway
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    Email Security,
    Cloud Gateway

    Advanced controls at your fingertips


    World-class email security built for your specific needs

    Email is the top attack vector and demands the strongest possible protection. Get world-class email security efficacy, delivered in the way the best meets your needs with Email Security, Gateway.

    With a broad range of complementary solutions and pre-built API integrations, Email Security, Cloud Gateway works in concert with Mimecast’s extended product suite to bolster security and reduce organizational risk.

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