Cloud Email Archiving

    Simplify data retention with cloud email archiving.

    Simplify data retention with cloud email archiving

    As your volume of employee email keeps growing, cloud email archiving with Mimecast can help manage email data more easily and cost-efficiently. Mimecast Cloud Archive for Email provides secure and perpetual archive storage solutions in the cloud with predictable costs and the scalability of a true cloud architecture. Employees get fast access to every email they've ever sent or received while administrators manage archives and support e-discovery with centralized data retention policies. Mimecast's cloud email archiving solution enables your access to all business communications and highly valuable corporate information in your email – without the cost and complexity of legacy on-premises solutions.




    Features of mimecast's cloud email archiving solution

    Mimecast Cloud Archive for Email has been the industry-standard cloud email archiving solution for more than a decade. Using multiple collection points, Cloud Archive for Email retains the original email along with detailed meta-data and a copy in the event it was changed by company policy enforcement. Mimecast's cloud archiving technology archives all inbound, outbound and internal email, storing it in a single repository for rapid search by employees and administrators.

    This cloud email archiving solution provides:

    • Rapid search and access enabling employees to retrieve email within seconds.
    • Per-employee pricing rather than pricing based on mailboxes or email volume.
    • Access to employee email on any device, from anywhere.
    • Flexible policy-driven data retention capabilities.
    • Comprehensive compliance, e-discovery and litigation support.
    • Complete archive access logging including searches and message views.
    • Encryption for greater cloud email security.
    • Secure storage with triplicate copies of email retained in multiple data centers for redundancy.


    Benefits of cloud email archiving with Mimecast

    With Mimecast's cloud email archiving solution, you can:

    • Reduce email storage overhead by automating management of mailbox size and email retention.
    • Minimize costs by simplifying management of cloud email archiving.
    • Provide administrators with centralized control of email retention policies.
    • Ensure fast access to email with a 7-second search SLA.
    • Support administrative global search and e-discovery cases, providing quick response to potential litigation with access to both original and policy-modified emails.

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