Email Security

    The Need for Innovation in Cloud Email Security 

    Only cloud email security solutions that continually innovate can keep up with today’s sophisticated cyber threats. 

    by Giulian Garruba

    Key Points

    • Within months of implementing a security solution, organizations may discover that it is not as innovative or effective as was promised. Discover the 6 red flags that may indicate this. 
    • Securing communications with efficacy and innovation may require a change in vendors and solutions, resulting in increased cost and use of resources. 
    • Organizations should seek out a vendor that is willing to help with their transition process to get them set up with the right solution.

    When it comes to managing security tools, IT security admins can discover that their newly implemented email security solutions or inherited legacy solutions are not as innovative or effective as they expected. The reason? They can introduce unforeseen complexity, require more hands-on management, or worse, the customer may feel as though the solution’s capabilities were inflated at time of purchase, or in the case of inherited legacy solutions, do not perform as effectively as required. In both cases, organizations are faced with a difficult choice: keep their existing solution and hope for the best, which can be much easier, or seek out and implement a new solution that can provide more innovative and effective features.

    While it’s better for overall email and collaboration security in the long term, the harder road often prevails in the short term. IT and security organizations can simultaneously be impacted by higher costs while maintaining two solutions at once and a difficult transition that requires many of their critical resources.

    While there can be a laundry list of product deficiencies to consider when evaluating implemented security solutions, here are key red flags to watch for:

    1. IT teams are spending more time managing technology than working.
    2. There was a rush to implement the current solution, but now, there are gaps in security and no time to fix implementation issues. For instance, IT admins shouldn’t discover after a period of use that their solution is weak in critical areas such as phishing protection or business email compromise. 
    3. Product updates are disruptive and sometimes slow, resulting in vulnerability to risk and attack. Cybersecurity must enhance business operations, not hinder it. 
    4. On-premises deployments that were touted to be safer by vendors have created more risk. 
    5. The vendor covered up poor capabilities, especially limitations in the email security solution’s ability to scale. For example, if the email security product they purchased does not integrate as easily as promised with other tools, it can impede the security team’s scalability and innovation. 
    6. Vendors touted continual innovation during the sales process, but their actual innovation is limited or focused on their biggest customers. Worse yet, some vendors don’t even focus on email or are in the process of leaving the email security market. Organizations should seek out vendors that are experts in best practice implementation and have proven efficacy in reducing risk and time spent managing email. Their solution should block all email-based threats with AI-powered, industry-leading detection that is trusted by thousands of customers. Their platform should always be on and be 100% cloud-based with no updates, patches, or management concerns. IT and security teams should also seek out a vendor that is continuing to invest in email security.

    IT and security admins should never feel as if their solution’s original implementation was handled poorly. They should never spend more time managing technology than doing their actual work.

    Mimecast understands the challenges organizations can face when needing to transition to a new cybersecurity solution that is more innovative and is stepping in to help organizations overcome those challenges. Email security is just so important that we are willing to lend a hand when it comes to transition costs. Organizations that are ready to take advantage of Mimecast’s Bridge Program should reach out today.

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