Cyber Defense Magazine: Bronze Optis: Innovative Technologies at Black Hat


    Jeremy Ventura, Senior Security Strategist at Mimecast

    Founded in 2003, Mimecast is a leading email security company. Mimecast combined patented, in-house solutions with external vendor data to create a super solution to detect malicious emails. Its email security solution stops malicious emails from entering or leaving client networks. Additionally, its email security solution is customizable to fit client needs, culture, and threats.

    Mimecast is headquartered in the United Kingdom and employs over 1800 security professionals globally. Furthermore, Mimecast is rapidly growing, expecting to hire approximately six hundred employees by the end of the fiscal year 2022.

    Mimecast publicly releases its annual state of email security report, which uses survey results from its forty thousand customers and C-level executive interviews. One of Mimecast’s most intriguing findings was that (⅔) of organizations admitted they had an email security incident that led to a ransomware attack and that 52 percent of those organizations paid the ransom.

    Future reading: Mimecast’s 2021 The State of Email Security Report.

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