Outlook Archive

    As an Outlook archive, Mimecast Cloud Archive helps to simplify email management of email retention policy and accelerate data & file recovery.

    Improve your Outlook archive with Mimecast

    While Microsoft Outlook provides one of the world's leading solutions for business communications, many organizations need more powerful Outlook archive capabilities than the native tools within the Microsoft platform. From simplifying email retention and accelerating searches to managing e-discovery and compliance, the right Outlook archive solution can help to reduce the cost and complexity of managing business email.

    Mimecast Cloud Archive can help. With tools that go beyond the boundaries of traditional archiving, Mimecast Cloud Archive creates a secure, centralized Outlook archive in the cloud.



    Mimecast Cloud Archive: a secure, next generation Outlook archive

    Mimecast Cloud Archive is a highly secure and scalable solution that has long set the standard for enterprise information archiving. As an Outlook archive, Mimecast Cloud Archive helps to simplify email management of email retention policy, minimize administrative overhead and accelerate data and file recovery after loss or corruption. Anytime, anywhere access to Outlook archive data provides employees with the information they need to improve productivity and guide business decision-making.

    As an Outlook archive, Mimecast Cloud Archive provides:

    • Fast access. Industry-leading search tools enable employees, administrators and legal/compliance teams to access any retained email within seconds, eliminating reliance on IT and help desks.
    • Users never have to leave their Outlook environment to search their Outlook archive.
    • Simplified retention management. Administrators can use a web-based console to easily set, maintain and enforce retention policies by individual, group or globally.
    • Streamlined e-discovery and litigation support. Granular litigation hold, e-discovery and reporting capabilities enable administrators to search the Outlook archive rapidly and preserve email content and metadata with legal holds and tamper-resistant chains of custody.
    • Email data recovery. Optional Sync & Recovery tools help to accelerate restoration of email, folders, calendars and contacts from the Outlook archive when data has been lost or corrupted.


    How Mimecast Cloud Archive works as an Outlook archive

    To create an Outlook archive, Mimecast Cloud Archive can rapidly ingest consolidated legacy archives through powerful data migration tools. For new email, Mimecast uses a combination of journal, gateway and synchronization technologies to capture messages and related metadata, while LAN and or cloud sync capabilities capture Outlook folder structures, calendar info and contacts data. Data in the Outlook archive is stored in triplicate across multiple data centers in diverse locations to ensure data resilience. And when combined with Mimecast Mailbox Continuity, users can rapidly search their personal Outlook archive from virtually anywhere, even when primary email systems are down.

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