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    The Rapid7-Mimecast-Netskope Triple Play

    A Better Way to Protect Data, Everywhere

    Data protection is more important than ever. And it’s harder, too. Organizations face relentless, explosive growth in the amount of data they must manage, and that data is now likely to be spread across dozens, hundreds or even thousands of apps and cloud services and potentially millions of diverse user devices. In response, security organizations are seeking more coherent, comprehensive and automated ways to view activity, protect against data exfiltration, and act faster, earlier in the kill chain, to limit impact.

    It’s not enough to invest in best-in-class security tools. Once you have them, those tools must be tightly integrated to protect data across the organization and throughout its lifecycle, and extend smoothly to apps and cloud services under your direct control as well as those used by employees which are outside your control. That’s why as partners, Mimecast, Netskope, and Rapid7 offer a strong foundation for integrated security and data loss prevention based on all three companies’ best-of-breed technologies.

    Given each partner’s industry leadership, many organizations already have one or more of their widely deployed systems in place. If this is the case in your organization, download the whitepaper to learn how you possess an exceptionally easy and rapid path to comprehensive, end-to-end security administration.

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