Email Security

    The Powerful Alliance of CrowdStrike, Mimecast, Netskope and Okta

    Flexibly Integrating Best-of-Breed Solutions and Adaptive Controls

    Key Points

    • Organizations must protect against new attacks at scale, safeguarding data in use, at rest, and in motion in cloud-centered environments where perimeters have faded as quickly as distinctions between work and home.
    • To do so, they need to leverage more intelligence, more automation, and better, more flexible integrations.
    • CrowdStrike, Mimecast, Netskope and Okta have combined their best-of-breed cybersecurity and identity solutions to comprehensively address information security and data loss challenges, including the rising problem of insider risk.

    For security teams, seamless integration has long been the “holy grail” — but, as the metaphor suggests, those who seek it have faced serious obstacles. How do you integrate effectively without adding complexity you don’t need? In the past, integrating diverse security solutions into a cohesive framework posed significant difficulties, leading to gaps in protection and increased management complexity.

    For example, security operations leaders were forced to build bespoke integrations for incompatible products that could often lead to gaps in visibility and an inability to share threat information. However, with this integrated approach, organizations can now seamlessly consolidate their security operations and address various security aspects efficiently. This collaborative synergy empowers organizations to tackle traditional challenges of security integration with unparalleled effectiveness, creating a fortified security ecosystem that shields against emerging threats and enhances overall cybersecurity posture.

    “Organizations must improve employee user experiences while managing devices and connections in a ‘work from anywhere’ world — otherwise, they can end up with users who are frustrated enough to try working around the security controls already in place.”

    Download the whitepaper to learn how to integrate effectively without adding complexity you don’t need, and find out how to enhance security, streamline operations and continue to innovate as integrations improve. Or, visit integrations.mimecast.com for more information. 

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