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    AI and Cybersecurity

    The Promise and Truth of the AI Security Revolution

    IT professionals are inundated with hype when it comes to AI. The cybersecurity industry finds itself in the same spot. Security providers whose solutions depend primarily on AI capabilities tend to pitch them as panaceas despite the obstacles and challenges that remain in achieving the high expectations already set for the technology.

    It is foolhardy for cybersecurity professionals to disregard AI’s potential. With the modern threat landscape becoming more complex daily and the application of AI growing more advanced, AI and its associated disciplines are fast becoming essential cybersecurity tools. But how can cybersecurity professionals separate the hype from the truth when it comes to AI-based solutions?

    It is crucial for organizations to combine AI with more traditional cybersecurity approaches to keep risk from cyber threats as low as possible. It is just as important for cybersecurity professionals to choose the right AI solutions for their particular security situation. 

    Download this white paper to learn how to tell reality from hype and make the sound choices needed to protect your communications, people, and data.


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