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    Who owns cyber risk? How to align budget with cyber priorities

    Watch this webinar to hear insights on how to achieve alignment on cybersecurity priorities and budgets, and unpacking the pivotal partnership between CISO and CFO in the mitigation of cyber risk.

    In today's dynamic landscape, the collaboration between cyber professionals and Finance leaders for strategic investments is critical.

    Watch this webinar focusing on aligning cybersecurity priorities with budgets, highlighting the pivotal partnership between CISO and CFO. Learn how transparent collaboration can guide informed investments, effectively mitigating risks and protect your organisation. Gain insights into essential elements of this partnership, ensuring investments are made openly, transparently, and not in isolation based solely on a dollar figure. 

    And hear firsthand from a seasoned cyber practitioner on how cyber professionals work with finance leaders to providing strategic insights and investments. 



    • Garrett O'hara, Senior Director Solutions Engineering at Mimecast APAC
    • Andrew Milroy, Vice President and Head of Research at Focus Network
    • Mike Kleviansky, Head of Cybersecurity at GenesisCare
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