Threat Intelligence

    APAC Threat Intelligence – August 2023

    Find out how to protect your work environment from unauthorised domain spoofing, improve deliverability rate and verify legitimate email communication.

    Understanding cyberattacks - the methodology, the motivation, and the impact - is crucial to spot potential threats. This context can also help you proactively block or mitigate these threats (and possibly other threats on the horizon) before they put your organisation at risk.

    Join our team of Mimecast cybersecurity specialists as they discuss:

    • The latest email-borne attacks & how to counteract them
    • The methodology and motivation behind CVE-2023-36884, a recent Microsoft zero-day remote code execution vulnerability.
    • The link between cyber threat intelligence and cyber insurance, and how underwriters use threat intelligence to assess risk exposure and tailor their insurance policies.

    Use the takeaways discussed to bolster your cyber defense stance and to prepare your organisation for any future attacks.

    Presented By

    Garrett O’hara – Senior Director, Solutions Engineering APAC at Mimecast

    Andrew Gosney – Threat Research Manager APAC at Mimecast

    Jason Pearce – Senior Director, Customer Success APAC at Mimecast

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