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    Episode #9, Season 3 of Phishy Business: Advanced Persistent Threat Groups: Preparing Instead of Hoping

    In this episode of Phishy Business, we take a look at advanced persistent threat groups, also known as APT Groups.

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    Special guest Krijn de Mik, Incident Response and Intelligence Lead at Hunt & Hackett, where he specializes in investigations, forensic analysis, and tracking threat actors and threat actor groups, gives his insight on how organizations can protect themselves from APT Groups and their advanced cyberattacks. 

    In ‘Advanced Persistent Threat Groups: Preparing Instead of Hoping’, we discuss:

    • What advanced persistent threat groups are, their tactics, their motivations, how large and organized they can be, and why we distinguish them as threat actors
    • The ransom amounts that APT Groups seek, how and why the amounts differ by industry and victim, and the three most targeted industries (listen to learn which three)
    • To pay or not to pay – some of the things that organizations should consider and what they should do when it comes to making this decision
    • How prevention remains an organization’s best bet and how prevention tactics such a table-top and crisis management exercises can help organizations prepare for attacks and reduce chaos
    • One of the largest-scale and most fascinating APT group hacks Krijn and Hunt & Hackett have investigated
    • The importance of two-factor authentication and backups, and how organizations need to ensure they are complete
    • Forensic readiness and how it can be achieved


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