Security Awareness Training

    Episode #8, Season 2 of Phishy Business: Cartoon Eyes, and Other Cybersecurity Awareness Training Techniques

    This week we speak to Mike Gruen, CISO and CTO and Dr. Daniel Glaser, a neuroscientist, about how humour can help in learning. We talk about how to build effective cyber security awareness programmes, how to positively harness our innate fear of being judged, and how cyber resilience is everybody’s responsibility.  

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    In ‘Cartoon Eyes, and Other Cybersecurity Awareness Training Techniques’ we discuss:

    • Creativity is important in STEM subjects
    • Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility
    • Eye movements are very telling in terms of learning and can show your level of expertise
    • Humor helps learning because it is context dependent so you remember the context the information was in
    • Insider threat – moral decision are not made in a vacuum but in social context and values
    • The surprise effect of cartoon eyes on decision-making as most people fear being judged
    • Reward change behavior more effectively than punishment, in parenting and in cybersecurity awareness training


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