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    Episode #3, Season 5 of Phishy Business: It’s Time to Retire the Risk Management Profession

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    In this episode of Phishy Business, we discuss some important ways to think about and look at risk and how it's more about making decisions than assessing threats.

    Our special guest is Stefan Gershater, Director of Risk at Burberry. Stefan is a risk management expert, a biochemist, and a navy veteran. Stefan says that as a risk expert, he tries to make sense of uncertainty, which means he thinks a lot about how everyday decisions impact people and organizations. Stefan feels that when defining “risk”, it should be disassociated from the word “threat”, and simply be about making better decisions to improve outcomes.

    In ‘It’s Time to Retire the Risk Management Profession’, we discuss:

    • How being in the royal navy shaped Stefan’s understanding of risk
    • The difference between risk in the navy and risk in a corporate setting
    • Why Stefan thinks the risk management profession should be retired
    • The importance of data in risk assessment
    • How to communicate risk to stakeholders
    • Mental health in the workplace

    About Phishy Business 

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