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    Episode #10, Season 2 of Phishy Business: Workhorses, kidnappings, and ransomware

    In this episode we explore the similarities between kidnappings and ransomware, the fact that most companies still underestimate the cyber threats they face, and how to create a crisis management and cyber response plan.

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    In this episode we speak to Marc Brandner, partner at SmartRiskSolutions, a risk and crisis management consultancy. He served as an officer of the German Special Forces (KSK) in various command assignments in Germany and abroad. He now supports customers both in crisis prevention and in the architecture of holistic and seamless security management. 

    In  ‘Workhorses, kidnappings, and ransomware’ we discuss:

    • The similarities between ransomware and kidnapping
    • How best to respond to ransomware attacks
    • Companies need more awareness of cybercrime across the board, and should have preventative measures in place
    • The different legal requirements based on which country the cybercrime takes place in, makes investigations challenging for law enforcement
    • Bigger companies should be aware of creating silos when creating crisis management plans – having a full view is crucial
    • In a crisis situation, management can sometimes decide on the wrong course of action out of eagerness rather than making an informed decision
    • Metaphorically, workhorses are better than racehorses in the special forces

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