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    6 Reasons Social Engineering Is More Secure in Holiday Seasons

    As key personnel take holiday vacations, cybercriminals ramp up their cyberattack efforts

    Key Points

    • Many well-know cyberattacks find renewed success during holiday seasons.
    • With key personnel out on vacation and distracted by the holidays, cybercriminals ramp up their efforts.
    • Learn these six reasons attacks are more successful during the holidays to help protect your organization.

    "Social engineering is a growing issue in cybersecurity, but the tools to counteract this practice are on hand."


    Social engineering attacks, phishing attempts, and executive impersonations are all more successful during holiday vacations.

    Employees are distracted, key personnel are out on vacation, executives and decision-makers are for more difficult to reach, making it the perfect time of year for cybercriminals to launch social engineering and other types of cyberattacks.

    Holistic email security policies, when paired with strong cybersecurity awareness training, can also help security teams stay on point and evolve their defenses to block the attackers’ latest tactics.

    Download this infographic to learn the six reasons why these attacks find better success so that your organization can help protect against them.

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