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    To Pay Or Not To Pay: Ransomware Has Become Boards' Biggest Concern

    Executive panel calls for better transparency, more government engagement

    Your business was hit by ransomware, should you pay to get your data back? Ransomware criminals rely on insurance companies to pay companies' ransoms, for this attack method to remain lucrative. In response some insurance companies are starting to refuse to pay ransoms on the basis that customers need to be more proactive at protecting themselves.
    Among companies that have already been hit by ransomware, a key concern is making sure that it doesn't happen again. This includes training staff to prevent them falling victim to attacks, and by implementing better technological protections to detect and block ransomware attacks while they are happening.

    Many companies are going to face ransomware at some point in the future. Download this eBook to get cybersecurity experts advise on which way to go and how to prepare for Ransomware attack.

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