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    Securing Australia’s Cyber Future

    Insights from Mimecast’s Customer Advisory Board on how CISO’s can translate the breaches of 2022 into better cyber resilience

    Australian organisations have been hit before, but not like this. Through October and November 2022, breaches at telecoms, health insurers, energy suppliers, online retailers and real-estate agents have exposed the data of millions, leaving many CISOs scrambling for answers.

    The response to this wave of breaches will be crucial for Australia’s cyber future. As the government considers its response, what should individual CISOs and CIOs do next? There are obvious questions here for senior security leaders:

    1. What just happened, and why?
    2. How do I talk to my board about it?
    3. How can we respond if we are breached?
    4. How can we manage risk better in the future?

    With insider advice from fellow CISOs on Mimecast’s Customer Advisory Board, we explore the factors that led to the latest breaches, a CISO’s duty of care and best practice in incident response and attack surface management. There are many lessons to learn from these attacks – and even some grounds for optimism.


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