Threat Intelligence

    Global Threat Intelligence Report

    July-September 2023 


    Key Points

    • Because email is the channel through which most cyber threats launch, Mimecast sees many new threats before they become widely known.
    • Attackers attempting to infiltrate businesses focused on a handful of significant zero-day vulnerabilities in the third quarter of 2023, even as they ramped up impersonation attacks.
    • This research highlights key takeaways from the threat landscape during the third quarter of 2023, as well as recommendations for readers to ensure their businesses are protected.

    Multiple zero-day threats emerged during the third quarter of 2023, and threat actors added to their growing focus on cloud platforms and applications. We also saw several cybercriminal groups make notable strategic shifts in the quarter.

    Organizations large and small are increasingly looking to leverage good threat intelligence to update their cybersecurity infrastructures in real time and maximize protection of their businesses’ communications, people, and data.

    Mimecast generates threat intelligence through its analysis of more than a billion emails per day on behalf of more than 42,000 customers. Mimecast’s cybersecurity experts analyze, investigate attacks, and test efficacy to develop sophisticated and timely threat intelligence that applies the latest protection across Mimecast’s security solutions.


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    Mimecast's Threat Intelligence report calls out increases in spam (7%), impersonation (12%), and malicious links (22%) from July to September 2023. 

    Download the report to learn about the specific threats from cybercriminals around the world, explore the most-attacked industries, and get recommendations for how to take action against these threats. 

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