Email Security

    Conversational Geek, Microsoft 365 Cyber Resilience

    Microsoft 365 is an exceptional solution, and a growing number of organizations, regardless of their size or type, are transitioning to Microsoft 365, with email being a significant driving factor. Despite the advanced tools provided by Microsoft, they are not impervious to cyber threats, and there are still potential security gaps and risks that can leave your organization vulnerable.

    90% of security leaders believe that additional safeguards are necessary for Microsoft 365. So why do many IT leaders simply accept what is provided or built-in? 

    It is time to leverage your valuable expertise and become a true thought leader in enhancing your organization's security. Taking proactive measures is crucial to safeguarding your email communications and sensitive data.

     Discover what J. Peter Bruzzese, a Microsoft Office Apps and Services MVP, has to say about:

    • Key security concerns in Microsoft 365 and its email security gaps
    • The impact of a data leak or security breach
    • Big takeaways to secure your organization 
    • How Mimecast’s products add value to security leaders’ Microsoft 365, whether you have Exchange Online, hybrid, or on-premises environment


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