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    Behind the Screens: The Board’s Evolving Perceptions of Cyber Risk  

    Insights from global cybersecurity leaders that cyber risk is business risk 

    Key Points

    • Increasingly sophisticated, high volumes of attacks are infiltrating organizations due to the modern work surface, while hiring cyber practitioners continues to be a challenge.
    • The opportunity for cybersecurity leaders to protect their organizations has never been better.
    • Keep the link between cyber risk and business risk front of mind when speaking senior leadership.

    “I feel the board considers cyber risk to be just another business risk but that has a higher potential impact. The main difficulty, as I see it, is that it’s very hard to quantify cyber risk without a significant breach, and it all turns on a dime once there is one.”


    Cybersecurity leaders have sounded the alarm on elevated cyber risk due to the modern work surface, and thanks to well-publicized cyberattacks that are growing in both volume and sophistication, the C-suite has taken notice.

    In this ebook, 78 global cybersecurity leaders share their recommendations for communicating cyber risk as business risk to C-suite peers. Go behind the screens to learn the efforts taken to articulate risk and what leadership must do to work protected, even as cyberattacks proliferate.

    Learn more about:

    • Developing a security-aware culture strengthened with layered cybersecurity frameworks.
    • Avoiding the trap of a monolithic security provider by implementing layered, best-of-breed cybersecurity tools.
    • Securing against age-old threats like phishing with email protection and awareness training for employees.

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