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    Gain control, modernize supervision workflows, and minimize risk with Mimecast’s Supervision solution

    Today’s financial services firms face regulatory requirements set by FINRA, the SEC, IIROC and FCA to establish supervisory policies, implement safeguards to protect client record privacy, monitor accuracy of disclosures, and authorize any alterations. 

    These firms face regulatory audits to prove that they have supervised their key personnel. All types of communication need to be captured and reviewed, including email, public social media, enterprise collaboration, and instant messages. 

    Supervision review personnel must sort through large volumes of data sets to find any evidence of malfeasance in a timely manner. When identifying potentially risk- laden content, they must flag it for further review and route relevant data via workflow. Managers must be able to monitor and report on reviewer productivity to understand where bottlenecks occur in the review process. 

    To demonstrate compliance, integration with an enterprise archive is a key requirement for compliance supervision to preserve relevant content and provide chain of custody and detailed audit and access controls. 

    The volume of digital content in today’s organizations is overwhelming. There is no feasible way for reviewers to view all communications content without the right digital assistance and productivity tools. 

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