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    Email Security

    Vercity Reduces Risk
    Profile with Mimecast;
    Transforms Security into
    a Business Driver


    • Mimecast Email Security (Secure Email Gateway with Targeted Threat Protection and Internal Email Protect)
    • Mimecast Cloud Archive
    • Mimecast Mailbox Continuity
    • Mimecast DMARC Analyzer
    • Mimecast Awareness Training
    • Mimecast Large File Send
    • Support


    Vercity employees were consistently being hit with impersonation and phishing attacks, putting both them and the company at risk.


    • Strong security posture with comprehensive protection against impersonation, phishing and other email-borne attacks 
    • Protection against email impersonation and spoofed domain attacks 
    • Ability to securely, easily and quickly send large files to clients 
    • Reliable email archives 
    • Insight into email traffic to drive proactive customer support 
    • Internal peace of mind that the company and its employees are protected 
    • Security is now a business driver
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    At a Glance 

    Vercity is a global SPV and asset management company, providing intelligent management of infrastructure and related corporate assets as well as real estate project leadership.


    Customer Vision 

    Vercity is a global SPV and asset management company, providing intelligent management of infrastructure and related corporate assets as well as real estate project leadership. In 2017, the company was consistently being hit with targeted impersonation attacks, where malicious emails purporting to be from the company’s CEO or management team were making it through to employees’ inboxes. 

    “We had an email security solution and spam filter, but impersonation emails were passing right through, exposing our employees to cyber risk,” says Nigel Keen, ITC manager at Vercity. “We knew we needed to replace our existing email security solution to protect our 350 employees, and luckily, one of our customers recommended Mimecast.”


    Customer Strategy 

    Keen notes that the vendor evaluation process was easy because “Mimecast’s reputation speaks for itself.” He says: “We signed on with Mimecast shortly after our first meeting with the company, because their email security solution does everything we wanted it to, and it is offered at a very affordable price point.” 

    “Mimecast Email Security completely solved our email impersonation issue,” Keen says. “But the threat landscape continually evolves, and over the past four years, we’ve faced a number of cybersecurity risks beyond impersonation. We quickly learned that whenever we have a new security need, Mimecast is able to address it. For example, we needed protection against accidental and malicious data loss as well as uninterrupted access to archived emails, and Mimecast had us covered with its Cloud Archive and Mailbox Continuity solutions. In fact, the Mimecast team is so on top of the threat landscape, that throughout our partnership, they’ve proactively come to us with product recommendations to keep us one step ahead of bad actors.” 

    In addition to Mimecast Email Security, Cloud Archive and Mailbox Continuity, over the past three years, Keen and his team have implemented several additional Mimecast products to protect the company and its employees from emerging threats. The Vercity staff is using Mimecast Large File Send for a secure, quick and easy way to send large documents to customers. Keen brought on Mimecast Internal Email Protect to safeguard employees from the uptick in phishing emails that were coming from compromised customer accounts, and he notes, “It’s been absolutely brilliant.” And last but not least, Mimecast DMARC Analyzer is providing complete visibility into who is sending email on Vercity’s behalf to help stop email impersonation by protecting the company’s domain from spoofing attacks. Keen comments: “DMARC was a technology on our radar, but our domain was 20 years old, and we thought the policy set up process would be too complex and time consuming to provide a sound return on investment. When we brought on our new domain last year, though, we jumped at the opportunity to add DMARC Analyzer to our Mimecast portfolio of products. The Mimecast team made policy setup seamless, and, from start to finish, the implementation process was painless.” 


    Customer Outcome 

    “Mimecast has significantly reduced our risk profile,” says Keen. “We no longer have to worry about impersonation, phishing and other email based threats.”

    Keen notes that a surprise benefit of working with Mimecast is that the intelligence behind the company’s security solutions has provided the security team with unprecedented insight into email traffic, so they can be more proactive with customer support. “We can spot issues on our client’s critical infrastructure and go to them with a solution before they even realize there’s a problem,” says Keen. 

    In addition to the technical benefits Vercity has experienced with Mimecast, Keen says they also have gained significant human and business benefits. “With Mimecast, I can sleep at night. I no longer constantly worry about what threats might be making it through to employees’ inboxes.” 

    He continues: “Mimecast has also been a business driver for us. We look after critical infrastructure for companies across a variety of verticals, including hospitals, schools, military establishments, police stations and much more. For these organizations, working with partners that have a strong security posture is essential. Mimecast has helped us win business because as soon as we mention our partnership, customers and prospects gain peace of mind about the state of our security. With Mimecast, we’re truly seeing benefits across the board.


    “Mimecast has significantly reduced our risk profile. We no longer have to worry about impersonation, phishing and other emailbased threats."

           Nigel Keen ITC manager at Vercity

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