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    Reminger Attorneys at Law Simplifies and Secures Office 365 Email with Mimecast


    • Consolidate the 5 locations mail is appearing
    • Utilize a better solution that provides mail in fewer buckets so it can be managed more effectively


    • Attorneys spend less time working with IT trying to locate messages
    • Mimecast helps Reminger meet all of the regulatory requirements for HIPPA compliance


    Reminger specializes in general civil and business law, serving an expanding client base that includes banks, oil and gas companies, and other going concerns, in addition to private individuals. The firm enjoys a healthy clientele from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, but has also taken on a growing workload from clients with a national presence.


    Reminger Attorneys at Law wants to be the best at what they do. They also need their IT department to be the best, and have the best tools. For managing corporate email, keeping user inboxes uncluttered and safe, and maintaining archived email access in Microsoft Office 365™, Reminger believes Mimecast is the best choice.

    Reminger, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio with over 330 email users at 13 locations spread across the U.S. Midwest, faced a serious problem with email ending up in too many places, said Ryan Patriarca, Reminger’s IT Director.

    Email was showing up in Outlook junk mail folders, a previous email management vendor’s junk mail folders, clutter folders, inboxes and “deep, dark spam” in administrative logs.

    “You’ve got five places mail is showing up, and that’s just not acceptable or functional,” Patriarca said. “We needed to consolidate that and we needed a better solution that would provide mail in fewer buckets so we could manage it more effectively.”

    While the firm was in the midst of an Office365 migration, it began evaluating new email management software and only considered Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. Reminger also knew Microsoft’s offerings around filtering junk mail and providing security and archiving services for corporate email would not be enough to support the firm’s needs.

    “Microsoft’s junk mail handling, whether it be Office 365 or not, is clearly not the best solution,” Patriarca said. “To run with that just to save a few bucks isn’t a sound business decision. You’re missing emails you need. I don’t know how anyone could consider that.”

    Reminger Chooses Mimecast to Ease Office 365 Migration

    After an evaluation in 2015, Mimecast’s pricing and features made it the best option in Patriarca’s view.

    The firm began using Mimecast while in a hybrid environment during the Office 365 migration process and Patriarca noted Mimecast’s services worked just as well in the hybrid and full-cloud environments.

    Reminger started out with Mimecast’s SaaS anti-spam and anti-virus services and later added email archiving and metadata scrubbing.

    “The archiving is a really nice feature,” Patriarca said. “It’s much simpler to use and more efficient than Exchange Online archiving. If messages come in or out, they’re much easier to find. We can search the Mimecast archive and we can usually find it right away.”

    So far, Reminger has reaped a number of benefits from Mimecast, including fewer calls to their IT help desk from users who aren’t getting the email they need to get.

    “The attorneys here spend less time wasted working with IT, wondering if they can get a piece of mail or not,” Patriarca said. “Having the ability to go inside the Outlook add-in to see messages on hold is also very valuable. The product we had before didn’t have anything like that.”

    Mimecast helps Reminger meet all of the many regulatory requirements law firms face when it comes to keeping track of and securing sensitive data, including maintaining compliance with the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

    The firm has also been pleased with Mimecast’s support and service as well as its simple, clean and responsive administrative web portal where Patriarca can set Reminger’s Mimecast policies and configurations.

    Reminger may look to fortify its Mimecast deployment in the future by adding more archiving capabilities going back further in their email history. But for now, Patriarca is pleased with the security and accessibility Mimecast provides for its email.


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