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    Mosscare St Vincent’s Housing builds strong cybersecurity foundation with Mimecast


    Email Security, Web Security, Security Awareness Training, Archiving with Sync & Recover, Information Protection Add-Ons (Secure Messaging, Large File Send) & Support.


    MSV’s small ICT team needed a cybersecurity partner that could grow with them and address its increased cybersecurity and data protection needs, ranging from email security to awareness training.


    • Outstanding email protection that is constantly up and running.
    • Excellent web security that ensures remote workers are protected and safely following company cybersecurity policies.
    • State of the art protection that evolves with changing threats and needs.




    Mosscare St Vincent Housing (MSV) is a social housing provider in England, specialising in finding safe and secure homes for people who need them. MSV owns and manages nearly 9,000 homes in the North West of England and must ensure their 15,000 customers’ data is secure from cybersecurity attacks that were growing at an alarming rate in the housing association market.

    Customer Vision 

    With more than 300 employees communicating to 15,000 customers, MSV also needed to instil trust that its communications were secure. John Paul Petryczuk, Information Technology Manager at MSV selected Mimecast nearly four years ago as current contracts were ending and MSV’s current third-party email provider was not meeting the organisation’s email security needs.

    “John Paul originally selected Mimecast as its cybersecurity suite of products was a perfect fit to secure email and provide advanced threat protection from spam, malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks.

    “Our organisation is dedicated to providing safe and affordable housing for our customers, and our IT team is committed to protecting the sensitive data of those customers from cyberattacks,” says John Paul.

    “We turned to Mimecast to keep our company safe from the growing threats being made against the housing sector, which have significantly increased over the last few years. With Mimecast’s help, we’re in a great position to deal with these threats.”

    Customer Strategy 

    Throughout his multi-year engagement with Mimecast, John Paul has turned to Mimecast to address his security challenges. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, MSV colleagues began working remotely and the IT team was faced with managing many different endpoints outside the office. That’s when MSV’s ICT Team added Mimecast Web Security to the cybersecurity arsenal to ensure these endpoints were protected and policies could be put in place to automatically manage them. He adds,

    “Mimecast’s policies were simple to set up for our nearly 350-person remote workforce and gave us peace of mind that we had added protection against external threats.”

    But John Paul wasn’t only worried about external threats, as he also added Mimecast Internal Email Protect to help prevent colleagues from inadvertently sending phishing emails to customers. “Mimecast Internal Email Protect helped us to pull back phishing emails and stop them from growing further,” says John Paul.

    Customer Outcome 

    MSV continues to take advantage of Mimecast’s full suite of cybersecurity solutions and has just added Awareness Training, which John Paul recently deployed throughout the organisation.

    “While Mimecast’s email security platform provides stellar protection, it’s important for our employees to develop good cybersecurity hygiene, and Mimecast’s Awareness Training helps them to understand cybersecurity awareness best practices in an engaging way. Mimecast’s Awareness Training helps us understand our employees’ cybersecurity awareness levels and helps us focus instruction to those employees that might need a little more help. ”John Paul adds, “We’ve relied on Mimecast for several years to protect our company against an array of cybersecurity attacks. Mimecast has been a fantastic partner for us, and our executive team is so happy with Mimecast they’ve given us additional budget to invest in more Mimecast cybersecurity solutions. Understanding we’re well protected with Mimecast, our ICT team has saved significant time and is able to focus on developing customer applications and digitalizing our products to better support our customers.”

    “Mimecast has been an absolutely fantastic partner for us, and our executive team is so happy with Mimecast they’ve given us additional budget to invest in more Mimecast cybersecurity solutions.”

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