CMOAustralia: The brand battle CMOs must fight in the face of data breaches and cybersecurity attacks

    Mimecast marketing director A/NZ, Daniel McDermott, recommended ensuring digital brand protection is part of your risk management framework and start partnering with your CISO today on mitigation strategies. 

    “For too long ‘cyber’ has been off to the side and seen as the CISO or CIO’s problem. The CMO, as the ultimate brand custodian, has to step up and play an active role,” he said. “This means the CMO, CISO, communications and legal teams need to work in lockstep to ensure they’re all aware of each other’s roles in any incident, have trust in each other and open lines of communication across teams to ensure maximum protection and – when a breach does occur – minimise customer impact as well as brand damage and reputational fallout.”

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