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    Mimecast Fuels Email Security, Collaboration With X1 Platform

    Mimecast has debuted its next-generation X1 platform, built on Amazon Web Services, to simplify providing customers with intelligence. X1 features a new data analytics platform that can ingest massive amounts of telemetry and sensory data at scale and use that to sift through benign abnormalities and those that need to be blocked, says David Raissipour, chief technology and product officer at Mimecast.

    The platform also will build a risk profile for each individual user based on the individual's behavior and role within the organization, he says. Having a risk score for each user should give companies a better sense of who can access what and make it easier for customers to detect inbound threats using Mimecast, according to Raissipour.

    "It's a very significant investment for us to do this because it's a foundation for products that we will be building for years," he tells ISMG. "It's an investment really in the future of Mimecast."

    Existing customers using Mimecast secure email gateway will benefit from a new, granular way of measuring incoming risks and threats as well as a single, common infrastructure on the back end for collecting telemetry and sensory data, Raissipour says. X1 aims to simplify integration through easier-to-build APIs with robust functionality and user experience on top of the platform, Raissipour says.

    "The cornerstone of our protection capabilities are around communication and collaboration," he says. "It goes beyond just email security."

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