Public Sector Cybersecurity

    Helping public sector organisations reduce cyber risk

    Protecting citizens'
    personal information

    Mimecast can help by closing security and continuity gaps and by defending
    against the biggest sources of cyber risk to safeguard data and users.


    of internal threats are from compromised or careless public sector employees

    Training staff helps keep your organisation safe. The human firewall is the most powerful of all, so educating staff how to identify attacks is the first line of defence.


    of public sector workers believe they’ll suffer of an email-borne attack

    Financially motivated attacks on the public sector are on the rise. The general view that public sector is an easy target needs to change.


    of public sector
    cybersecurity workers are worried about compliance

    Compliance, data protection and cybersecurity regulations are ever evolving. They are as much a battle as threats out there, so working with a trusted partner can lighten the load.

    Vous souhaitez bénéficier d'une protection de pointe pour vos communications ?

    Bloquez les menaces associées aux e-mails grâce à une détection assistée par IA, à la pointe du secteur et utilisée par plus de 42 000 clients.

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