Email Spam Blocker

    The right email spam blocker improves productivity by keeping spam mail out of employee mailboxes.

    Protect your organization with an email spam blocker

    A superior email spam blocker protects your organization in many ways. Spam is an ever-present and costly annoyance, clogging up mailboxes, servers and bandwidth with unwanted messages and traffic. The right email spam blocker improves productivity by keeping unnecessary mail out of employee mailboxes. It reduces costs by eliminating spam before it has a chance to reach your network. And most importantly, an email spam blocker protects your employees and your organization from advanced email-borne threats that are the top source of security breaches today .

    Mimecast provides a highly-effective email spam blocker as part of the Mimecast Secure Email Gateway, a sophisticated email security solution combining virus, malware and email spam protection with defenses against new and emerging threats as well.




    Mimecast’s email spam blocker

    Mimecast Secure Email Gateway and email spam checker rely on multi-layer detection engines and constantly-updated threat intelligence to protect your employees and your organization from all manner of threats related to email.

    Secure Email Gateway and its email spam blocker enables you to:

    • Eliminate spam with an email spam checker with an SLA for stopping 99% of spam with 0.0001% false positives.
    • Improve employee productivity with an email spam check providing self-service functionality for managing blocked and permitted senders.
    • Support mail validation technology like DMARC and DKIM.

    To mitigate targeted threats like phishing and spear-phishing attacks, Mimecast adds Targeted Threat Protection to its email spam blocker. Scanning all incoming and archived email in real time, Mimecast blocks suspicious links and attachments and prevents employees from inadvertently sharing revealing information or downloading malware. Dynamic user awareness capabilities reinforce security policies and engage employees in identifying email-related risks.


    An email spam blocker with central control

    Mimecast Secure Email Gateway simplifies email security with a single cloud platform enabling easy control of all aspects of email management systems. With Mimecast, administrators can:

    • Set global and finely-tuned policies from a single console.
    • Handle challenges like flexible inbound routing and traffic-splitting without adding infrastructure.
    • Apply policies at the organization, group or mailbox level.
    • Route email using Active Directory group membership or attributes for ultimate flexibility.
    • Rewrite addresses inbound and outbound for complex, multi-domain environments.

    Learn more about Mimecast’s email spam blocker and about Microsoft Exchange email archiving solutions from Mimecast.

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