Response to the Situation in Ukraine 

    by Peter Bauer

    Our thoughts are with everyone impacted by this unfolding situation. Our priority is to keep you, our customers, safe. With this in mind, we strongly recommend that you review your cyber security related to your infrastructure and secure your systems, including your Mimecast solutions.  We are also sharing the latest guidance from international cybersecurity agencies to help you stay prepared. We have been tracking the conflict in Ukraine and evaluating our defensive and reactive posture against the guidance issued by international cybersecurity agencies and continue to do so. Our internal Adversary Simulation Teams continuously evaluate and test our resilience to likely scenarios that might affect the continuity of our services or the confidentiality and integrity of our customers' data. 

     At Mimecast, we treat security with the utmost importance. Visit the Mimecast Community KnowledgeBase for a set of best practices, providing recommendations to enhance your account's security including:

    • Managing user access, permissions, and restrictions
    • Communication in and out of your environment

    In addition to these community resources, Mimecast’s strategic partners are monitoring the situation in Ukraine and are offering guidance for hardening security postures:

    We also recommend you consider the advice below: 

    Mimecast continues to track threats 

    In collaboration with our strategic threat intelligence partners, we are closely monitoring the increased cyberattacks, which thus far have been directed at Ukraine targets.  The attacks appear to incorporate suspected malware and DDOS against the Ukrainian infrastructure.  

    (Please note – this is an evolving situation, and we continue to closely monitor) 


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