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    Response to Okta’s Digital Breach 

    by Renatta Siewert

    Key Points

    • Okta is reported to be the victim of a digital breach; the threat group Lapsus$ is claiming responsibility. 
    • Mimecast is not an Okta customer and has seen no evidence of compromise within our systems related to this incident; however, we are continuing to work with key suppliers to identify any Okta usage within their environments that may impact supply chains. 
    • Mimecast recommends any customer utilizing Okta work directly with them to identify best practices for authentication security. 


    About the Okta Digital Breach 

    Okta, an identity and access management service provider with more than 15,000 customers on its platform, may have been a victim of a data breach.  

    On Monday, March 21, 2022, the threat group Lapsus$ posted screenshots it claimed were taken from inside Okta’s corporate network. Postings from the attacker also indicate it will use this unauthorized and unlawful access to Okta’s environment to also gain access to Okta’s customers’ environments. 

    However, Okta CEO Todd McKinnon said in a statement the company believes the screenshots are related to a security incident in January 2022 that was contained. Okta is continuing to investigate. The company shared an updated statement on March 23.   

    Information for Mimecast Customers and Partners  

    Mimecast is not an Okta customer; there is no evidence of compromise within our systems related to this incident. However, as is best practice, we will continue to work with key suppliers to identify any Okta usage with their environments that may impact supply chains. 

    While the Mimecast team will also continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as they become available, we advise any customers utilizing Okta to work directly with the company regarding their best practices for authentication security.  

    Mimecast treats security with the utmost importance. Visit the Mimecast Community KnowledgeBase for a set of best practices, providing recommendations to enhance your account's security, including managing user access, permissions, and restrictions as well as communication in and out of your environment.  

    This news further underscores the importance of cybersecurity, and the need for our community to continue to work together to fight back against threat groups.  


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