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    Radicati Recognizes Mimecast for Information Archiving

    Radicati's honor validates Mimecast's investments in high-value, customer-focused innovation.

    by Emily Wojcik

    Key Points

    • As competitors step back, we keep investing in information archiving — delivering Microsoft Teams support and other key innovations.
    • Radicati’s latest report recognizes Mimecast’s broad, deep functionality and solid strategic vision.
    • Our solutions make it easy to centralize control over security, archiving, e-discovery, recovery, retention policies, user management, litigation holds, and more.

    Here at Mimecast, we’re honored to once again be named a “Top Player” in Radicati’s Market Quadrant for Information Archiving.

    “Top Player” means something very specific to Radicati. We think it’s worth sharing their definition because it aligns so well with what we’re trying to accomplish with Mimecast Cloud Archive, Sync & Recover and our related offerings. We believe Radicati’s assessment validates both our strategy and our execution on behalf of customers.

    To Radicati, Top Players are “current market leaders with products that offer both breadth and depth of functionality, as well as possess a solid vision for the future. Top Players shape the market with their technology and strategic vision. Vendors don’t become Top Players overnight…As companies reach this stage, they must fight complacency and continue to innovate.”

    To us, that’s exactly right. We see some companies in this space milking legacy products for short-term profitability while their customers wait impatiently for enhancements. For us, though, information archiving remains strategic, and we continue to invest heavily in it. We wouldn’t stay a Top Player if we didn’t.

    For instance, to address governance events in an era of remote and hybrid work, we’re helping organizations secure new channels like Microsoft Teams, where many of today’s most business-critical (and highest-risk) conversations occur. Our customers can now archive peer and multi-party conversations as well as conferences, and retrieve instant messaging search results alongside email and file content via the same easy-to-use search interface.

    Recently, we also delivered new e-discovery review categories and search criteria, as well as new advanced lexicons for compliance supervision. As Radicati points out, important further improvements are just around the corner.

    Real Value, Reliability, and Simplicity

    As Radicati notes, Mimecast offers a fully integrated suite of cloud enterprise information archiving, email security, data protection, and continuity services. With Mimecast, a single administration console provides a unified view and centralized control over security, archiving, e-discovery, recovery, email retention policy settings, user management, and litigation hold requests. Radicati needn’t explain what customers already know: A unified console makes managing compliance, data access, and data protection a whole lot easier, and it’s something many non-Mimecast shops wish they had.

    Next, Radicati calls attention to how our deep integration “means archives are fully accessible even during email outages, and archived data remains fully protected against email-borne threats.” This is a specific and very powerful advantage for everyone who’s responsible for ensuring availability and business continuity in an era where that’s more challenging than ever.

    The following are among the other Mimecast capabilities Radicati calls out as advantages:

    • Our Simply Migrate technology, making it easy to integrate many archive repositories, including legacy repositories, without shipping physical drives.
    • Extremely fast user search and access to personal archives, with Mimecast’s commitment to “aggressive” search service level agreements (SLAs).
    • Complete data protection for Microsoft 365, previously widely known as Office 365, through Sync & Recover, which safeguards Exchange email against deletion, whether accidental or malicious.
    • Full support for legal holds, case reviews and e-discovery searches for any number of mailboxes.
    • Archiving support for both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

    Endorsements from Real Experts — and Real Customers

    As a market analyst firm, Radicati has long surveyed the archiving, compliance, email, security, and related landscapes. They know this space inside and out, so their viewpoint is especially meaningful. But they’re not alone. Recently, Gartner placed Mimecast in its Magic Quadrant for Archiving for the seventh straight year. And, in Gartner’s separate Peer Insights, real customers seconded that view, rating us 4.6/5 with 92% saying they’d recommend us to colleagues. If you’re considering options for better archiving, compliance, data retention, or e-discovery, you’ll be glad you put us on your short list.

    The Bottom Line

    Radicati just honored Mimecast again with a Top Player designation in its 2022 Market Quadrant for Information Archiving. This follows recent honors from Gartner analysts and customers — more evidence that Mimecast’s offerings deliver superior innovation and value in archiving, compliance, e-discovery, and overall resilience. Download Radicati’s report and see for yourself.

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