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    Mimecast + Ataata: The Coolest Security Solutions on the Block

    It's the cybersecurity awareness training platform you've been waiting for.

    by Dan Sloshberg

    I am excited to announce that last week, Mimecast acquired Ataata. Together we can dramatically improve the employee cyber security awareness training globally. Ask any security professional today and they will respond that their traditional end user security awareness training is extremely difficult to get traction with internally. Creating the right security culture is hard and programs that are considered boring don’t make that any easier.

    Ataata has a unique approach to getting employees engaged, fundamentally changing corporate culture, and ultimately, changing human behavior.

    This is critical as human error is involved in almost all breaches, making organizations without the right training much more vulnerable. Our Mimecast + Ataata video training content will help everybody understand how important human behavior is when it comes to protecting their business and how to make better decisions.

    With training done right, employees can be the security teams greatest allies. According to research Mimecast conducted with Vanson Bourne, 90% of organizations have seen phishing attacks increase over the last year, but only 11% say they continuously train employees on how to spot cyberattacks. This is a major problem in the industry, which is why we are thrilled that together, Mimecast and Ataata will help organizations close this gap.

    Ataata is fun. It’s a compelling content platform focused on addressing the human firewall in a unique way.

    Why don’t you check out the videos for yourself?


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